Friday, 7 May 2010

That's My Boy!

I don't think I've ever wanted to write my feelings down and record them more than I do this week; I feel so proud;
My eldest son Luca, now 4, this week took part with his fellow nursery-mates in skipping around a maypole erected in the school hall, and not having a driving lesson booked at the time, I went along with Trisha to see. I've never really witnessed Luca subscribe much to joining with group activities before so didn't really know what to expect. When I've occasionally taken him to nursery he'stendedto seek out something to play with then quietly get on with it himself. When he gets engrossed, he gets properly engrossed to the point that he's sometimes hard to reach. Is this normal for a four year old? I've really no idea as I have no previous experience to draw from.
Anyway, our first surprise, as Trisha and I walked into the hall to see all the children sitting quietly waiting for proceedings to begin, was that Luca was sat waiting as quietly as all the other children. He's not normally one for waiting quietly so this was a bit of a shock but it was so nice to see. Then when the teacher stood next to him told him we'd arrived and pointed us out, he stood and waved at us with such excitement and enthusiasm that my heart melted. Trisha's too. He then quietly sat and waited again until being led to the Maypole.
The children were to be dancing/skipping round in pairs and he'd told us he would be partnering Jessica, but no, there was Luca by himself and Jessica was with another little boy. Not left out though, one of the nursery teachers came and held his hand, ready to start. Then I found out why. As soon as the music started Luca shut his eyes and they remained shut while he skipped, circling around the pole for a couple of minutes until the music stopped. After a short delay whilst the children were regrouped to circle the other way, the music started again and sure enough, Luca skipped around the maypole with his eyes firmly and resoloutely closed, not to open again until the music was once again switched off and everyone came to a stop. Trisha asked him later if he had shut his eyes because he was concentrating really hard and he told us yes, though to be honest we're not really sure what was going on in his little head. Shut eyes or not however, Trisha and I are both incredibly proud to see our little Luca engaging in an organised group activity with other children and being incredibly well behaved throughout. Don't get me wrong, we didn't expect him to misbehave, but it was such a joy to see how good he was. If you're a parent yourself, I'm guessing you'll know just how I feel, if not then you're probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about. Beforebecoming a parent myself, I wouldn't have had a clue!

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Maggie Cobbett said...

Bursting with pride and close to tears at the same time? As a veteran of many such occasions with our boys, I can well imagine how you felt.