Friday, 21 November 2008

Number's Up!

What was that I wrote about Wetherby being down on numbers last few weeks?
Cue Victor Meldrew impersonation; "I don't believe it!"
This week in Wetherby numbers were through the ceiling as we had 17 brand new beginners! This is a new record for us and in fact we had more brand newbies than we had "experienced" beginners so ended up throwing everyone in together for a basic class. Beginners who were expecting to cover "Casino" this week, please accept my apologies (we'll do it again in 7 weeks time) and also my thanks for your indulgence. I had one slightly disappointed leader ask if he could do our level 2 class as he felt level 1 had been a bit of a nothing for him. Sadly he asked me right before we started and we like to put our beginners through their paces before we move them up so he couldn't move up this week. Cheeky fella then proceeded to watch (and follow) the class from the sidelines, practising with a friend. From what I could see, he's going to be moving up next week!
I hope he stays with us when he does. A couple of years ago we had one bloke desperate to move up for months but he really struggled to make the grade. He'd used to go to other classes and tell us about how he'd managed ok, yet he'd still struggle to successfully lead our beginners syllabus.
When he eventually cracked it and moved up to our level 2 class, he only did about two weeks before he slung his hook and we haven't seen him back since. Maybe he was just seeking our recognition? There's no understanding some folk. I'm glad he hasn't given up dancing though - I see him around the circuit every now and again and always give him a nod and a smile.
If you're reading this, why not tip me a nod and a smile too?
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